About Grissom Contracting

Grissom Contracting was founded in 1999 by a small team of passionate individualtop ten reviews printerss who
wanted to provide a higher standard of roofing repair services for Denver residents.
To accomplish this, Grissom Contracting maintaislotsupsns a strict adherence to the five most important
qualities that we believe a top-tier roofing contractor must have:

  1. We work with insurance. We take the burden of working with the insurance company
    off of the shoulders of the homeowner, so you can rest easy knowing that everything is
    being taken care of.
  2. We perform outstanding work. Grissom Contracting knows that if we don’t do the job
    right, we won’t be in business for very long. That’s why every job we do is completed
    with attention to detail and no cut corners.
  3. We use only the highest quality materials. Metro Roof Products. Tamko Building
    Products. CertainTeed and Owens Corning. These are some of the most reputable
    names in the business. We exclusively use only the best roofing products.
  4. We are professional and customer-focused. From the first quote to the final
    handshake to confirm a job well done, the team at Grissom Contracting is 100% committed to the success of your roofing, remodeling, or home exterior repair project.
  5. We are stable and reliable. There’s a reason so many of our new customers come to
    us by word of mouth. The good news about Grissom Contracting gets around! We’ll be
    here for you, your friends, and your neighbors for years to come.
  6. Because we have built a business by working one-on-one with Denver homeowners just like
    you, we know what it takes to provide quality roof and home remodeling work that impresses
    and over-delivers on expectations. We want to do everything in our power to ensure that we
    understand your needs and provide you with the best contracting service available anywhere.
  7. We also know first-hand how frustrating a damaged roof can be, as many of our own employees have had to contend with roof damage from the hail storms here in Colorado. Your home is our#1 priority, and every project we complete is backed by a 5-year labor warranty.

To learn more about how Grissom Contracting can help you, contact us today.