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Roofing and Contracting Estimates from Grissom Contracting

Acquiring a roofing or contracting estimate from Grissom Contracting is fast and easy. And, there’s absolutely no obligation!

With your guaranteed estimation of the work and materials needed to repair or restore your roof or home exterior, can you rest easy knowing what the cost will be, how long the work is likely to take, and what next steps are needed top ten reviews luggageto make sure your insurance company is involved.

Since we began providing roofing and exterior repair solutions in 1999, we’ve provided thousands of accurate, fairly priced estimates quickly and professionally; let us do the same for you. Regardless of how severe the damage is, we have the proven expertise needed to provide a reliable estimate for what it will take to get things back to normal.

The Damage Assessment and Repair Estimate

Before an accurate estimate can be provided, a Grissom Contracting employee will visit your property to conduct an in-depth assessment of the damage that has been done to your roof or exterior surfaces. This straightforward, simple process doesn’t take longer than an hour in most cases, and we can answer many of your questions during the same visit.

After we have evaluated your home or business for damage, we’ll get to work on generating the estimate. Every estimate that Grissom Contracting provides includes all anticipated costs, without any surprises. These costs include:

  • Building or roofing materials (insulation, shingles, related hardware)
  • Labor
  • Shipment and/or transportation costs if applicable
  • All taxes and fees

Because Grissom Contracting can do so much more than repair your roof, you can rely on one contractor for all of your post-weather repairs. One damage assessment and one estimate for all of the work needed to restore your home or business – that’s the Grissom contracting difference!

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When the time is right to get started on your damage assessment and work estimate, contact the team at Grissom Contracting. After answering just a few simple questions, we’ll be able to schedule your initial meeting with one of our technicians at a time that works best for your schedule.

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