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The energy revolution is here and its known as solar. There are several types of alternative and environmentally-friendly energy sources, but the reliability and driving cost of solar make it one of the most popular on the market and the one with arguably the brightest future.

You want to do the environmentally-conscious thing and have solar panels installed in your home, but you looked at a proposal cost from your local solar company, and the prices are steep. You’re paying for the panels, for the installation, and it’s not going to be free.

You used to be a roofing contractor, and you have some basic electrical knowledge, can’t you install the panels yourself and avoid the charges? Let’s answer that question by exploring what it takes to install solar panels.

So, Can You Install Solar Panels Yourself?

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Unless you already have extensive knowledge in the installation of panels or the panels are meant for self-install, you should not install panels yourself. Let’s review some of the reasons why do-it-yourself installation is a poor idea.

Solar Installation Requires Specialized Knowledge

Solar panels have gotten simpler, but they are still not “plug-in ready.” Solar panel installation requires the knowledge of engineers, electricians, roofing experts, and contractors. Unless you know all those specialties in your back pocket, expert installation is recommended.

Solar Installation is Not a One-Man Job

Even if you know the knowledge to install panels yourself, you’ll know it’s not a one-man job. Solar installation requires a group of individuals working in concert to install the panels the right way. Unless you have several buddies that have worked in the solar industry, it’s best to avoid DIY installation.

Mistakes During Solar Installation Could Cost You

A poorly executed DIY installation could severely cost you. You could install the panels incorrectly and must pay a company to install them the right way, and in the worst cases you could compromise the integrity of your roof or create a fire hazard. Unless you want to take on those risks, leave installation to a professional solar company.

Having solar panels installed in your home is a great idea, but self-installation is not. Proper solar panel installation requires a team of experts to get the job done right and doing the job the wrong way could create real hazards. Leave solar panel installation to the experts to avoid these issues