You step to the back porch of your Colorado ranch and look to the west with a heavy sigh. You can see dark storm clouds gathering, and you know they’re on the way to cause damage and chaos all over your property. Summer storms happen every year in Colorado, and they have the potential to damage homes and property with high winds, hail damage, and wildfires caused by lightening. Where to buy Xanax online?

If you’ve lived in Colorado for a few years you know that summer thunderstorms are just a part of life in Colorado, but do you know why Colorado is so susceptible to summer thundershowers and damaging hail? Let’s put on our amateur meteorologist’s cap to discuss why summer storms happen in Colorado.

So, Why Does Colorado Get Thunderstorms in the Summer?

Colorado’s location and mountainous topography cause plenty of chaos to typical weather patterns, leaving Colorado residents with severe weather as a result. The two main causes of summer storms, particularly early summer storms, involve Colorado’s cold air destabilizing warm atmosphere currents and colder air currents allowing hail to form. Strong jets of weather systems can also come from both the west and the south playing chaos with local weather. There are several reasons why the different patterns cause summer storms but all you need to know is that Colorado’s unique location and topography allow for some funky severe weather- inducing situations. Cheap Modafinil online

Hail Alley

This collection and mixtures of different streams in the United States form a band in the Mountain West known as “hail alley.” Hail alley, like tornado alley, is a nickname for a band of geography that’s more likely to experience damaging hail than other portions of the United States. Colorado lies in the middle of hail alley.

Protecting Yourself from Summer Storms

There are ways to protect your Colorado home from summer storms including having your residence roofed with impact-resistant roofing and siding materials. These tough materials will not only better defend your home against Colorado’s summer thunderstorms and the hail it brings, it may also get you a discount on your insurance premium.

A location in hail alley coupled with mountainous terrain makes Colorado susceptible to regular summer thunderstorms but with the help of impact-resistant materials, your home can endure even the roughest of Colorado weather. I guess you do have to pay a small storm price for all the beautiful days of sunshine you get in Colorado.