If you’ve lived in Colorado for a year, you know that the weather and outside elements can be quite unpredictable. This can cause an inconvenience in your daily life, but it has a much greater effect on the elements of your home, especially your roof.

Roofs in Colorado can be subjected to a variety of different conditions across the year, so roofing in Colorado takes a bit more TLC. If you are about to replace your Colorado roof for the first time, there are some things you should know before signing any contract. Let’s help you out by reviewing three things to know about roofing in Colorado.

3 Things to Know About Roofing in Colorado

Hail is Your Enemy

The number one enemy to Colorado roofs is hail. Around late spring to early summer seasonal weather patterns start to develop that may end up dumping tiny to softball-sized hail right on your property, and on your roof. If you are having your roof replaced in Colorado, you should strongly consider impact-resistant roofing materials that are manufactured specifically to resist hail storms. These materials aren’t exactly “hail-proof, ” but they are much stronger than other types of roofing and can likely give you a discount off your insurance premium.

Sun is Also Your Enemy

People love moving to Colorado for the promise of sunshine. The ample sun in Colorado has many positives, but not when it comes to your roof. UV rays from the sun will slowly but could cause premature aging of shingles and other roofing materials. To combat this, you can seek out Energy-Star certified roofs, cool roofs, or roofs with reflective coatings. This can also help regulate the temperature within your home, saving you money on your utility bills.

Shakes are No Good

The classic Colorado roof is a shake roof. Shake fits the style of many types of Colorado homes, and blends into the natural surroundings of our neighborhoods. Shakes are no longer a smart move for Colorado roofs. Shakes are susceptible to wildfires, and many other types of Colorado dangers, so many insurance companies aren’t even covering shake roofs anymore. They look beautiful when done right, but shakes are on the way out in Colorado.

Colorado has many subtleties and nuances when it comes to roofing, and as a Colorado resident, you should know what’s going on. Your best ally in securing the roof is by only working with local and reputable Colorado roofing contractors.