Insurance Claim Help

How We Work with Your Insurance Provider

roof insurance claimTo ensure the highest possibility for success with your roofing project, Grissom Contracting meets with your insurance adjuster to go over the areas of damage and what will be required to return the affected areas to pre-damage condition. This initial assessment can result in cost figures varying somewhat, which is to be expected.

Remember that as professional and polite as your insurance company may be, they absolutely do not want to spend more money than they absolutely have to in order to settle your claim. On the other hand, the roofing experts at Grissom Contracting work with your best interest in mind to make sure that costs don’t creep outside of the scope of work, and that you are kept informed on all project developments as they happen.

To offer truly the best roofing contractor experience for our customers, we always adhere to these three rules when dealing with insurance companies:


  • Document all damages. This is absolutely critical to support any requests for settlement amount modifications. Our team of roofing technicians know what labor and materials are needed for even the smaller areas of roof damage, and we can ensure that no damaged area goes untreated (or unpaid for by the insurance company).
  • Utilize a Project Manager. As part of our effort to make the overall roofing repair process easiest for our customers, we assign a single point-of-contact for you to work with as the project proceeds. This way, you never need to guess who to call if you have questions.
  • Follow-up post-installation to ensure satisfaction. We want our customers to refer us to their friends and family and to be 100% satisfied with their choice to hire Grissom Contracting. That’s why we always follow up after all work is done, just to make sure everything is according to the customer’s wishes and expectations.

At Grissom Contracting, we make even the most daunting roofing repair project an easy-to-manage task. Are you ready to get the conversation started? Inquire now – contact Grissom Contracting today. Don’t try to deal with the insurance company on your own; make sure the pros at Grissom Contracting are in your corner!