The big day is coming up. Your roof was destroyed in a hailstorm so you’ve researched and picked out a local roofer, contacted your insurance company and filed a claim, chosen your shingles and colors, and now the day has come for your brand-new roof to be installed.

Ideally, a roofing company will make your roof repair or replacement as easy on you as they possibly can, but there are some things you can do as a homeowner to prepare your property for roof replacement. Let’s get into prepping your property for replacement so the job will go smoothly for both you and the roofer.

Preparing Your Property for Roof Replacement

Ask your roofer or roofing company if they have some type of handout or documentation on what should be done prior to a crew arriving at your property. A roofing company may not specifically have a handout or you might only remember this the night before your installation but no worries, there are some general rules to be followed for all types of roofing jobs.

Make sure your driveway is kept clear. The roofing crew will need to use your driveway for both their trucks and to gain proper access to your roof so keep it clear the day of your job. Roofing crews can come very early so get any cars out of your garage the night before.

Make sure that the crew has access to the entire property. Roofing crews need full access to your property to get to all areas of your roof and to clean up debris so make sure all pets are kept inside, and that all gates are kept unlocked.

Move any valuable items away from the roofline such as plants, grills, and furniture. Roofers will try to keep debris at bay but the roofline is the most likely area for debris to tumble to the ground. Move these items away from the roofline to make certain they won’t be damaged.

Make sure that roofers have access to external power. Roofers need power for different tools so make a point to leave an external outlet or two open and accessible. If your home does not have outside power, you will need to string a power cord from a garage or window.

If you have taken care of the above items then your roof is ready for repair or replacement. Follow these items and make it a point to ask your roofer what to do to be sure that your property is prepped and ready for your brand-new roof.