Welcome to Colorado! Have you had your gutters checked on? While many different states boast of irregular weather patterns and oddities, Coloradans can face rain, high winds, driving snow, subzero temperatures, ice, hail, harsh sunlight, tornados, and a variety of other issues that will have an impact on your home, including its gutters.

Gutters are meant to flush moisture and debris off your roof and into designated areas, and without them, your home could face flooding, safety hazards, and even a rotting foundation. If you’re thinking about getting new gutters for the first time or have moved to Colorado and are looking at replacing your gutters, there are some things you should know.

3 Things to Know About Gutters in Colorado

Seamless Gutters Can Be a Good Friend

Aluminum is the top choice for most gutter applications, and seamless aluminum gutters are much more beneficial than traditional sectional aluminum gutters. Where do gutters leak the most often? In the seams. Seamless gutters use one continuous piece of metal instead of sections which means the likelihood of your gutters springing a leak is much smaller with seamless gutters.

Seamless gutters are also painted with a baking process, so the paint can weather the conditions of everything Colorado throws at it including snow, ice, and harsh UV light.

Hail Can Affect Gutters Too

Colorado and hail storms go together like roofs and gutters. The first place people look at after a hail storm is their roof, but you should also check your gutters as well. Hail can chip paint, crack, and otherwise damage gutters past the point of usefulness. If you have a roofer out to check for hail damage, make certain they check your gutters too.

Always Keep Your Colorado Gutters Clean

All clogged gutters are bad, but it can be worse in Colorado. Clogged gutters can cause foundation flooding during the summer deluges, and can help cause ice dams during the colder Winter months. Both issues (and others) can create large amounts of damage in your home and can do so quickly. Make it a point to check on your gutters every season, and consider a gutter helmet, net, or guard to keep gutters from clogging in the first place.

Not much attention is paid to gutters, but they serve a critical role in the roofing system. If you have a feeling that your gutters are in disrepair or are having issues, get in touch with a local Colorado gutter company to be certain your gutters are ready for whatever Colorado can throw at it.