Hail on roof

You try to look over all the details when moving to a new area. This includes nearby amenities, school systems, and what the weather does. Some parts of the country are more likely to experience significant weather events that have the potential to damage your property – like hail storms.

If you are relocating to the lovely area of South Denver you want to know what’s what with the weather and whether you’re looking at the potential for damaging hail, so how about it?

So, Is Hail Prevalent in South Denver?

Unfortunately for prospective homeowners not only is hail prevalent in south Denver, south Denver is located in an area known as hail alley. Let’s learn more about hail alley, what you can expect in south Denver, and what you can do to protect your home.

What is Hail Alley?

Hail alley is a stretch of land in the middle portion of the United States that gets much more damaging hail per year on average than the rest of the company. The band is similar to the more infamous tornado alley and stretches approximately from the Dakotas down to Texas. South Denver is located in this band which makes South Denver susceptible to damaging hail storms.

When the Hail Comes and Why

Hail in south Denver is the most likely to occur during late spring and early summer. During late spring and early summer cold and warm air currents get trapped together along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains allowing hail plenty of time to form in the upper reaches of storm clouds before it drops down to your residence. The longer the hail is allowed to form in the clouds, the more damaging it will be and weather conditions in South Denver can let the hail form for a long period. It’s not out of the ordinary to see hail the size of golf balls and later in South Denver.

Protecting Yourself from Hail

You can protect your home and roof from hail with the application of Class 4 impact resistant materials. These materials have an added layer of protection so they can stand up to the nastiest of hail. You may also be able to get discounts on your insurance premium with the use of

Due to the location and nature of surrounding weather patterns and air currents, you’re likely to experience hail in South Denver. Look into impact-resistant materials to defend your home against the hail and get discounts on your insurance premium.