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Why Does Colorado Get Thunderstorms in the Summer?

You step to the back porch of your Colorado ranch and look to the west with a heavy sigh. You can see dark storm clouds gathering, and you know they’re on the way to cause damage and chaos all over your property. Summer storms happen every year in Colorado, and they have the potential to damage homes and property with high winds, hail damage, and wildfires caused by lightening. Where…

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Hail on roof

Is Hail Prevalent in South Denver?

You try to look over all the details when moving to a new area. This includes nearby amenities, school systems, and what the weather does. Some parts of the country are more likely to experience significant weather events that have the potential to damage your property – like hail storms. If you are relocating to the lovely area of South Denver you want to know what’s what with the weather…

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